The Lions Club of Tumbler Ridge participates and organizes many events over the corse of the year. Here you will find a list of the regular events that happen and more detail about them. There are other events that happen that are not listed here, Please visit the Calander page for whats happening each month.

Lions Bingo

Lions club of Tumbler Ridge hosts a Bingo every Monday night, Come join us for a fun evening of Bingo. You must be 19 years old or older. The doors open at 6:00pm and bingo starts at 7:00pm. If by chance a stat holiday falls on the Monday, then bingo gets played on Tuesday instead. Only because the Community Centre is close on Stat Holidays. Bingo is run from September to the middle of December, We break for Christmas. Then get going again the second week of January and run to the end of June.

Come out and enjoy the evening.

Arena Concession

Located in the lower level of the Community Centre, and is mainly opened every day during the week in the evenings. Weither you are a parent, visitor or particpate in Hockey or Figure Skating, you are welcome to purchase food & beverage from this venue.

We serve :

  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Popcorn
  • Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Chips
  • Candy Bags

This concession opens up when the ice gets put in for Hockey, Skating & Family Skate. The Lions family skate is a popular event, with alot of fun for all ages, usually held the beginning of December.


  • Hot dogs - Easter egg hunt
  • Childrens soccer Tournament
  • Canada Day
  • Emperors Challenge
  • Labour Day Picnic & Duckie Race
  • Power Outages
  • Available to cater your event

This function takes about 6 members to run smoothly. We are overjoyed with the great BIG barbeque we have, which can do 25 steaks per side. The front and back part filled with ice handle the meat prodcuts saftely.

Pancake Breakfasts

  • Winter Carnival
  • Grizfest Saturday
  • Shopeasy
  • Free Breakfast for the Community
  • Power Outages

When the griddles get put in our wonderful BIG barbeque we then start mixing the batter for great pancakes, to be enjoyed by all. This function takes 6 to 8 members to get done smoothly.

Aluminum Can Tabs

We collect aluminum can tabs, which are on beer, pop & cat food tins. Also we will take all aluminum vehicle rims & wheels. A drop off box for can tabs is located on the window sill at Shop Easy, Also there is a plastic bin at the liqure store. We pack thess in a box and when we goto the Lions Convention in November we take them and give them to the Devon Lions Club to take to the refinery in Edmonton Alberta.

Eye Glasses

We have donation boxes in the Tumbler Ridge pharmacy and in Shop Easy for your used / old eye glasses and sun glasses. These used eye glasses we recive are boxed and sent to a Lions Club in Edmonton, which are sent to Sri Lanka, which are distributed to needy people. We appreciate any used glasses including sun glasses.

Christmas Food Hamper Raffle

After we obtain a licence from Gaming. Then the tickets are printed and members are handed booklets to sell. The draw is usually in the middle of December, and the food for the prizes is purchased locally. The money taken in after all expenses are deducted is used to assit people in the community.

Ducky Race

This event is a family involvement fun filled day. The children + adults play games, free hotdogs are served by the Lions Club. Duckies for the race are sold at the event(if any are still available). The race is started from under the bridge and goes as far as the water starts to get narrower. The first 3 duckies at this point come in first, second and third place winners. Each duck that is sold has a number underneath then the duck is matched up with the buyers list for winners name and phone number.

Alot of cheering and laughing is done at this time and to see the yellow ducks on the water sailing on their sides and upside down is really worth watching. Everyone goes home happy and looking forward to next year.

Emperors Challenge

This even is hosted by the Wolverine Nodic + Mountain Society. The Lions club of Tumbler Ridge provide food for all the racers and volunteers on race day. Serving Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Veggie burgers, Juice, Coffee, Cookies and Orange wedges. A fun filled full day of fresh mountain air + metting racers.

We truely enjoy this day.

Daffodil Campaign

The month of April is designated as "Daffodil Month"

Every year the Canadaian Cancer Society cotacts Chariperson Grace Walsh to be involved with this Daffodil Campaign. Pin boxes are placed in various town businesses and maybe purchased by individuals for $2.00 each or by donation. The Daffodil flowers arrive at Shop Easy around the second week of April. There are 10 flowers per bundle and sold by wonderful volunteers at Shop Easy for $5.00 a bundle. Businesses are contacted before hand for pre-sale and are delieved when they arrive by members of the Lions Club.

All monies raised from the sale of pins and flowers is sent to the Canadian Cancer Society in Prince George, BC. No pay is taken for our encurred expenses. Thank you to all Volunteers.

Easter Egg Hunt

On Easter Sunday you can see the 12 years + under children looking for chocolate covered eggs on the hopefully grassy hill at the elementary school. This starts at 1:00pm and goes till 3:00pm. There are various games, face painting, a tatoo table, egg toss. Hot dogs are served by the Lions Club and enjoyed by all.

Snow Angel Program

Lions Club will shovel / snowblow walkways and driveways. Seniors and/or people who are unable to shovel their walkway + driveway are asked to call the Seniors Club who with then call the Lion Club of Tumbler Ridge to be put on the list. People in need of this service will sign an agreement. The members of the Lions Club will get this done for those on the List.

Meals on Wheels

When a person is in need of a meal they can goto the medical clinic, where a doctor will fill out the necessary paperwork. Once this is done an Nurse will then notify Lion Grace Walash with all the information needed to start this home delivery. Meals are delievered Monday, Wednesday + Friday around 5:00pm. For a fee of $8.00 per meal(on Monday) and $5.00 per meal (on Wednesday & Friday). The Meals picked up from 3 different food providers. There is no charge for delievery of these meals which started in 2011.

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