Lions Flatbed Campground

Campsite / Park

Lions Flatbed Park / Campground is located 1.5km north of Tumbler Ridge, BC just off Highway 29 ... on Flatbed Creek.

The Campground is open from May 15th weekend to September 15th weekend, at $20.00 per night. Campsites can be booked in advance by calling the Operator at 250-242-1197. (A site booked in advance must be secured by credit card).

All 43 gravel campsites are pet friendly and wheelchair accessible, both campers and tenters are welcome.

Picnic area / Small Gazebo

Just inside the entrance to the lower level, there is a public picnic area on the left, overlooking Flatbed Creek. A small gazebo with three tables ... around which children's birthday parties are frequently held during the summer months - at no charge.

Big Gazebo

This facility can be rented for special occasions such as birthday celebratons and wedding receptions, The cost per day is $50.00.


The Campground has a new large childrens playground and the use of a swimming area just above Flatbed Creek bridge.

Amenities & Services

Each campsite is equipped with a firepit ... firewood has a cost of $10.00 for a pre-measured wheelbarrow load.

There are coin operated showers in both the Men's and Ladie's washrooms (located in the main building) and $1.00 will by approximately 6 minutes of water.


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